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Photos of making the invitations

posted July 28th, 2013 by

A couple dozen photos of making the invitations have been posted to the gallery, from pressing the invitations at the University of Illinois’ Soy Bean Press studio, to assembling them in Toledo.

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4 Responses to “Photos of making the invitations”

  1. Mamma-O says:

    This “old fashioned” press is too much!

  2. Mamma-O says:

    The hand-making of the invitations is a wonderful legacy to leave the Sackmann-Zelip families. In this day of laser printers, copy machines, email and instant gratification, the fact that you took the time, thought and ingenuity to make the invitations yourselves says so much about the two of you—amazing people with an amazing life ahead!

  3. Wendy DeBord says:

    Wow, what a time-consuming work of art/love in the making of your beautiful, keepsake invitations. I also really enjoyed flipping through your website – so fun and informative:)

    I am so excited about gathering the DeBord posse in the carriage house while we all have a fabulous three day weekend with our favorite long-time friends, the Sackmann’s – oh yeah, and you, too, Brian and Macio!

  4. Sue Braun says:

    The invitations are fabulous!

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