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Breakfast Club (aka Macio’s first day of senior year)

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MZ first day of senior year Aug 2013


The wedding isn’t the only major happening these days.  Macio just started senior year (!!) at Urbana High School a week and a half ago.

In addition to looking fly with a mohawk for the first day of school (pictured above), we completed a ritual that’s very important to us.

Mom used to take me out to breakfast the morning of the first day of school every year.  It was always a really nice treat that made the day more exciting.  After Macio was born I knew I wanted to continue the tradition (a feeling supported by an OutKast lyric where Andre affirms that yes, he “will be present on the first day of school, and graduation“).

It’s been fun having Abbie join us the last few years.  I think our first one might have been in 2010 for Macio’s freshman year.  We had just moved from Toledo and my folks were in town helping us get situated.  That was such a great couple of weeks, thanks Mom and Dad for all of your help!

Pictured below is the final Breakfast Club before Mace hits college!  We were fortunate to have Fia, Macio’s girlfriend, join us.


Breakfast Club - MZ first day of senior year Aug 2013

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  1. Mom Sackmann says:

    Oh, I missed this post in the turmoil of wedding preps. Such a wonderful tradition and such a great picture!!! Love you all!!

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